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Meditating in Mountains
Buddha Statue

CREATE course is unique...

  • Learn how programs in the subconscious mind control and limit your life. 


  • In three short hours, go beyond intellectual knowledge to incomparable transformation and mystical experiences. 


  • Rise above the blocks to a successful, empowered, happy life.


Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns?


It’s not your fault...


The programs in the mind are like the “Matrix” – a silent, hidden controller.


They result in a stressful experience of everyday life.


  • Access the power of Enlightened Masters

  • Break free from deeply ingrained patterns

  • Learn the importance of coherence between thoughts, feelings and results

  • Discover spiritual shortcuts to overcome your biggest challenges

  • Rewire your brain to work for you rather than against you

  • Ignite your supernatural ability to create a new future.

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