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74,000 Deeksha Yagna 

There is still time to register for Sri Bhagavan 74,000 Deeksha Yagna.


Saturday November 27th  4:00-6:00am Pacific Time Class with Sri Bhagavan every month on the last Saturday of the Month. And now we will be given a SPECIAL Process initiated by Sri Bhagavan for Enlightenment along with a ritual and our photo and name will be placed in a SACRED Golden Pot kept in Satyaloka and special prayers done each month for our Enlightenment. 


Dates of 74,000 Deeksha Yagna 

November 27th

December 31st (FRIDAY) 

January 29th 2022

February 26th 

March 26th 

April 30th 

May 28th 

Benefits of 74,000 Deeksha Yagna Class with Sri Bhagavan 

1.    You get to become a registered member of the 74,000

2.    Participating in this process will move you fast towards Enlightenment

3.    You would be receiving a powerful Deeksha 

4.    We get Sri Bhagavan Q&A Darshan 

5.    We have triple blessings of Health, Wealth and Relationships, Iham as well as Param, Worldly Needs as          well as Spiritual Needs. 

6.    A special Prayer and Pooja is done for all those registered performed at Satyaloka Campus

7.    All Registered names and photos are kept in a Golden Sacred Pot in Satyaloka and special prayers will          be done once monthly. 

8.    When you come to India you have the opportunity to visit the Sacred Campuses Nemam and Satyaloka        during certain times

9.    You will see a ritual happening before the Darshan with Sri Bhagavan each month during the 74,000              Deeksha Yagna class

10.  You get a process every month during the class for Enlightenment

11.  You will have access to transcripts of previous Q&A of Sri Bhagavan 74,000 Classes.

While this will primarily be of interest to the Oneness Community, the opportunity is also open to non-members as well.


The classes are given in English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.


To access 74,000 Deeksha Yajna Classes one has to become a member of the Golden Age Movement and an annual subscription is payable.

Please note that the subscription year runs from June 2021 to May 2022 regardless of the date you join. Your subscription will not be reduced proportionately if you subscribe after June.

To register: 




STEP 1: Pay below link 





STEP 2: 

PLEASE FILL IN THE GOOGLE DOC after PAYMENT: for Debra Apsara as your Organiser 


IF you need assist with a Payment Plan or Tuition Assist please fill out the google doc below:

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If you need more information, please contact your organiser

Debra Apsara Organiser for Oneness GAM 702-720-9013