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Deeksha Yagna  
Living in a Higher Consciousness

Namaste Dear Oneness Community!

During the past several months, thousands of people have been gifted with enlightenment and are experiencing incredible transformation, miracles in health, wealth, relationships, more joy in life and a deep sense of peace and trust in their Divine. 



Registration is now open for 4th Year Golden Age Movement 2024-25 Membership Program.

Includes the 81,000 Deeksha Yajna. The program runs from June 2024-May 2025.


Please use this for USA/Canada only registration (contact your organizer if you are from another country) 


This payment info is for those who wish to register with Debra Apsara as referral (if you already have an organizer contact them to register) 


With your Year Long Membership from Golden Age Movement you may attend the 81,000 Deeksha Yajna Program, Weekly Deepening , and Monthly Full Moon Process. 

This is the make-or-break year in terms of gathering the 81,000 globally to account for the increase in population which is now over 8 billion. We must gather the 81,000 by the end of 2024. We can meet our targets for reaching the 81,000 whose consciousness will transform the world.


Peace and Blessings,

Golden Age Movement Team

Debra Apsara GAM Organizer




Registration Info and Fee


The cost of the Golden Age Movement 2024-25 Membership Program is $625. 

Step 1: Make your payment 

LINK for PAYMENT for 3rd YEAR 

81,000 Deeksha 2023-2024 USD

Step 2: 

FILL OUT GOOGLE FORM (you must do this for your registration to be completed)



Step 3: Send Zoho RECEIPT COPY (FULL RECEIPT) and your recent PHOTO to


What You Will Receive in the Golden Age Movement Membership Program

• Twelve Live Darshan Sessions online with Sri Amma Bhagavan – The last Saturday of every month. In these powerful monthly sessions, Sri Bhagavan shares information about the

human condition and possible futures for humanity based on revelation. Each month participants will receive mystical surgeries to shift the focus of the brain to make way for enlightenment.

• A Powerful Blessing from Sri Amma Bhagavan for enlightenment. In addition, a triple blessing for Health, Wealth, and Relationship to experience fulfillment in both spiritual and material needs or desires.

• Transcripts of the 12 Darshans   

• Soma – The elixir of the Gods is a substance miraculously downloaded by the Great Compassionate Light Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan from other dimensions. Soma manifests in different forms (honey, turmeric, kumkum, sacred ash) or can be downloaded directly into the person or into water that has been blessed. Soma activates a state of Ananda and brings about miracles.

• Weekly Sessions to Deepen your State.  A one-hour session each week (Saturday beginning June 3rd), except for the weekend of the Darshan, to cleanse past karma and make space for a closer connection between you and the Great Compassionate Light. 

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