Happiness Meditation 

Join Debra Apsara Monday & Friday at 6pm PST 

Benefits of receiving the meditation 
1. Silence
2. Happiness
3. Peace
4. Improved Health
5. All Auspicious things will happen around those participants including health, wealth, relationships.
6. It will affect family and friends


Full Moon Process is also LIVE 

Las Vegas 

September 12th 7PM PT

Ancestor Process 

Please join Debra Apsara from the Las Vegas Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chamber Home inside the Kalki Temple where we will host a powerful Ancestor Process one of the courses taught to us in the advanced trainers course given by Sri Amma Bhagavan.

You will need photos of your ancestors if possible if not then having the names is also ok.  You will make a small shrine for your ancestors with a white cloth and place their photos or names on it. Also have a Srimurthi of Sri Amma Bhagavan on a separate table with white clothe. (If you do not have one you may use any idol of your choice) Light a Candle for them. You can get some white flowers also to offer during the Puja and offer a flower petal 108 times on Namaha. Debra will guide you. You can also offer the ancestors foods that they liked while on this earth plane. After the process that food you offered  goes to the crows.
All those registered will get the handouts for the process to do at home after this event. Please join Debra on each New Moon Day on her Face Book LIVE Debra Apsara at 5pm-8pm PST for this FREE Event. The next date isTBA Click on the link below

Mukthi Process 

Sacred Process for Awakening

Please Join Debra Apsara for an amazing process of Puja, Chanting, Dancing and receiving a powerful Meditation of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love..


We will have a guest musician Joei Belovin, who will be singing and playing harmonium. This is an incredible process!! Join this event on Facebook LIVE Debra Apsara Dates to be announced soon.. 

"Thank you for conducting the Mukthi Deeksha Process online. I have done the Mukthi Process several times and I am experiencing more peace and stillness." David 

Ananda Mandala


Happiness Meditation 


Join Debra Apsara for a wonderful opportunity to experience the ancient pranayama Ananda Mandala taught to Debra while she was in India at Oneness University India by the Guides. 

You will also experience the deep silence of the Happiness Meditation that Debra was recently initiated by Sri AmmaBhagavan in the 3 day Awakening Course. 

Debra will also speak on topics to expand your inner growth. 

September 21st 11am

All are welcome

Debra email  for questions. 


for more information and to register. click button below .. 

Sacred Chambers 

Join Debra Apsara for Sacred Chambers Process. This is a wonderful very sacred process where you will be taught contemplations to aid in your awakening, receive a special initiation and meditation on the Suprme Light of Supreme Love and sit in the Sacred Chambers that Debra has been offering for the past 5 years. Debra was initiated in a special process to open the Sacred Chamber in 2013 while in India at Oneness University with Avatars of Enlightement Sri AmmaBhagavan. Debra recently attended a class with Sri AmmaBhagavan where the Sacred Chambers was given more power and miracles. We look forward to seeing you soon. Space is limited to 8 at a time. Hope to see you all soon. Please remove your footwear at the door. The address will be text to you the night before. Much love Debra