Ancestor Process 

Incredible Opportunity to help our Ancestors. If our Ancestors are stuck it may  hinder us here in this lifetime. Causing issues in our relationships, money, and health .. and our Awakening.. 


Ammavasai or no-moon day, has traditionally been the day for offering food and water to our ancestors and to do prayers for their moksha (Enlightenment after death).


Ancestor liberation is essential to receive their blessing for awakening and to enjoy full freedom in this life. We are deeply connected to our ancestors karmically and genetically. Our bodies are a gift from them, so is our intelligence, our health, our wealth and so much more.


We owe them much gratitude. Every good thing in our lives, they made possible through their efforts. We also share in the karma they set in motion, good and bad. As we help them go into the Great Compassionate Light, we ourselves are set free. Many people very tangibly feel weights lifting from their bodies and consciousness as their ancestors move into the Light.

Join Debra Apsara for the Ancestor Liberation Process with Kalash Puja, Teachings and Process 

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Health Process 

Free Process for Healing the Kosha's 

Oneness Health Process

Such a joy to offer the Oneness Health Process a wonderful FREE process for healing taught to Debra while attending classes and courses at Oneness University in India. 

So happy your interested in the Oneness Health Process 
Sunday January 17th 

10:00am -1:00pm Pacific Time
11:00am-2:00pm Mountain Time
12:00pm-3:0pm Central Time
1:00pm-4:00pm Eastern Time 

If you would like to also participate in the process by creating your own sacred space you may. However, the process will be done for you and you can enjoy the sacred space of the shrine while watching Online . 

If you create your own sacred space or use your current altar please 
Place a photo of Sri AmmaBhagavan on a white cloth
If you have Padukas place them in front of Sri AmmaBhagavan
Light 3 Candles and Incense stick
Place a sacred water pot in front of them (You will drink the water after and also offer to others as it will be infused with the blessings) 
Place flowers for decorations of Padukas and Srimurthi The process includes the Padukas however, if you do not have them it is OK as the camera will be placed directly on the Silver Padukas in the shrine. 
Wear White of you can

Much Love Debra 
For questions email Debra at  

Date: January 17th 2021

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm PST


Sacred Chambers

Join Debra Apsara for Sacred Chambers the Sri AmmaBhagavan Sacred Chambers in Las Vegas. Debra has been hosting Sacred Chambers since March 7th, 2014. So many people have had miracles happen when attending. 

We are so pleased to announce the Sacred Chambers will now be offered on Zoom. All those who would like to attend from all over the world can now do so in the comforts of your own home. 


This is a wonderful very sacred process where you will be taught contemplations to aid in your awakening, receive a special initiation, meditation on the Supreme Light of Supreme Love, and be brought into the Sacred Chambers to experience the miracles.

Debra was initiated in a special process to open the Sacred Chamber in 2013 while in India at Oneness University with Avatars of Enlightenment Sri AmmaBhagavan. Debra also attended a class with Sri AmmaBhagavan here in the USA, where the Sacred Chambers was upgraded and given more power and miracles.

Now this has happened again after Relationship Day!!! Sri AmmaBhagavan blessed the Sacred Chambers again for more power, more miracles.

This is a very sacred process so please create a quiet, calm environment for yourself so you can immerse yourself in the process. 


Much love Debra 

Unwinding the ropes to give rise to

Inner Freedom 💜


Debra Apsara welcomes you to join her for a 3 hour course to cleanse your energy centers to release the binding ropes that cause problems in your life.

Debra will start with a Sacred Puja to Sri AmmaBhagavan, where she will call out to Sri AmmaBhagavan by chanting and offering water, sacred powders, ghee, fruits, incense and flowers. We will all take a powerful Intention to clear our energy centers, cleansing our individual unconsciousness, releasing those things that bind us and keep us in a state of suffering.

The Class will have Chanting, Pranayamas, Process, and a powerful prayer at the end.

All are welcome to this class.
It is Minimum Donation $11

Class will be on Zoom LIVE

Sri Amma Bhagavan Satsang with Tejasaji

Guide/Teacher from India 

The science, secrets, and the law of miracles.

Every Sunday 4:30 - 6:00 pm IST
4am PDT
5am MT
6am CT
7am ET

Open the link in your Browser to see your local time for this Satsang.

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