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NEW Process 

Sri Kalki Healing Process

Sri Kalki Temple Healing Process 

Online Mystical Healing Process 


Namaste Loves 

Please join us for an incredible opportunity to heal. 


This process was blessed recently by Sri Bhagavan to be done from the Kalki Temple of Las Vegas. 


This process will be done Online via Zoom.



9am-11am PDT

10am-12pm MDT

11am-1pm CDT

12pm-2pm EDT 


4pm-6pm GMT

5pm-7pm CET



9:30pm-11:30pm IST


Translation Available: 














FREE PROCESS -All are welcome


For the process have the below items if possible: 

1. Any Medical Reports, Labs, Diagnosis Written

2. Fresh Water Bottle or an unused container and another cup to drink from. 

2. Written down on paper, all conditions you wish to heal (Body, Mind, Spirit) 

3. Comfortable Place to Sit and to relax and lay down (if possible) (have blanket if needed for your comfort) 

4. Have your FULL attention on the process from beginning to end. 

5.Try to avoid all distraction: eating, drinking, talking, doing anything outside of the process. 


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Sacred Chambers 

What a great gift to be given this amazing opportunity to have our Sacred Chambers once again ONLINE. For those who have not experienced this sacred gift from the Great Compassionate Light Kalki, you will be so happy to attend. This is a free process and all are welcome. 


Debra was initiated to host the Sacred Chambers while in India at Oneness University in 2013 by the Avatars of Enlightenment Sri AmmaBhagavan. The Chambers officially opened March 7th 2014 on Sri Bhagavan Birthday.


So many people have had miracles by attending this process over the past decade. 

This is a very sacred process where you will be taught contemplations to aid in your awakening, receive soma, and be brought into the Sacred Chambers to be with the Great Compassionate Light Kalki to ask for what you want and receive miracles of Health, Wealth and Relationships. 


This is a very sacred process so please create a quiet, calm environment for yourself so you can immerse yourself in the process. 

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Sri Kalki Group Ananda Transfer 


Thursday’s and Saturday’s  

(Not on last Saturday of the month) 


7:00pm PST

8:00pm MST

9:00pm  CST

10:00pm EST


Meeting ID: 865 7617 1314

Passcode: Kalki



JOIN our Telegram Groups 

Group Ananda Transfer USA Canada:



Community Ananda Transfer:

SKSD Event: Felt the light move into me and water bottles. Was altered with the Divine consciousness in the room. LL

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 Deeksha Yajna
Living in a Higher Consciousness 
Sri Bhagavan Darshan
Full Moon Process

Registration is open for Golden Age Membership Year 4. This membership includes the Deeksha Yajna 2024-2025 along with the Full Moon Enlightenment Process, Deepenings and Darshan with Sri Bhagavan Monthly. 


The Deeksha Yajna will commence on Saturday June 1st. During the past 12 months, thousands of people have been gifted with enlightenment and are experiencing incredible transformation.


Relationships are transformed bringing more love and connectedness with family and friends. Mental chatter is silenced. The mind functions when needed, otherwise, vast silence and inner spaciousness is experienced. Decision-making is enhanced by inner guidance, reducing procrastination and poor choices. Health and emotional wellbeing have improved. And so much more.

Join us now to experience higher states of consciousness.  

Debra Apsara 

Tel: 702.720.9013

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