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Group Peak State  

The Peak State is a very high state you will receive directly from Sri AmmaBhagavan that helps you become more conscious, helps in your transformation, your awakening and your enlightenment. The more you receive the Peak State the more it will effect your consciousness. 


The Peak State is given by Sri AmmaBhagavan who come from an 850 year old tradition that teaches a rapid and unique path to higher consciousness revived in the modern world due to the needs of the time.

Please join us to expereince this profound gift. 

Every Thursday

Every Saturday (except the last Saturday of each month) 

7:15pm PDT

8:15pm MDT

9:15pm CDT

10:15pm EDT 


*It will be 20 minutes 

Buddha Statue


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 868 2153 4356

Passcode: Amma

You will be in the waiting room until we open the zoom 



Step 1: We will set and intention and then move into breath awareness. 

Step 2: You will look into the eyes of the Srimurthi of AmmaBhagavan which will be ip on the screen for 3 minutes and the transfer of the Peak State will happen directly from Sri AmmaBhagavan while the Peak State Sevaks pray for you.  

Step 3: Express your gratitude to Sri AmmaBhagavan

Step 4: Then we will integrate as a group  

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