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Deeksha Process 

In the universe everything is abundance, the universe is ready to give everything only thing is you should know how to get it. So this course is to help you to get it..


Excited to offer the Wealth Deeksha Process


Please join Debra Apsara for a completely recorded process with easy to follow steps. 

Days 1-11 are videos you follow along with and can be accessed anytime to do the process at your convenience. 

The cost for the class is $108 and INCLUDES the Day 1 recorded LIVE first class and all 10  Days of Video Recordings for the complete powerful 11 Day process. 


You will need to have 108 coins with you in any denomination. (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars) these will be used by you for the 10 days following the class.. 


You will also need to have a special Sacred Space for the duration of the process and a nice bowl for your coins, a plate to offer the coins and a tea light for each day of the process. 


In the universe everything is abundance, the universe is ready to give everything only thing is you should know how to get it. So this course is to help you to get it..


According to Amma Bhagavan wealth making is a noble endeavor, which every individual   must under take.  It is high time that we as a people should break free of all our misconceptions and myths about pursuing a very prosperous and fortune filled life. Poverty or prosperity or mediocrity begins with your thought. You determine to what extent you want to rise in life and it is perfectly fine. You can go there and must go there. 


Why should you have wealth?

When you don’t worry about your security. You are at your best, you are functioning at your best, and everything about you comes up. That is the time you discover yourself you come more and more face to face with your potential; you begin to respect yourself in the act of creating wealth your image about yourself changes. You esteem yourself differently. It is tangible. You know you have done it. It gives greater thrill or a gross sense of experience.


You contribute to the greater good of the society, to the greater good of our nation. When you have money, you spend money. When you spend money the people around you become prosperous, when you live in luxury the society becomes rich, because money keeps circulating. You have helped out so many in the process of you becoming wealthy.


Wealth most often makes you spiritual because your needs and pleasures soon get satiated. You naturally move on to higher purposes and feelings.


That is why ancients speak about the fourfold purpose of life –

 Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha


Artha – wealth, money

Earning money is not making money. You could make money through a lottery that is not artha- you are just day dreaming in that case, not really working to achieve anything at all. Do not think one can earn money though mere luck it is with enormous grace it is made possible. Earning money for money’s sake is madness.  There must be personal development towards contribution and growth- otherwise there is no use, making money would mean mere arrogance, feel powerful. 


Kama – pleasure  - middle path – too much of pleasure seeking should not be there


Dharma – contribution – without this one cannot grow


When the first three are not fulfilled it is difficult to be awakened. You should be fulfilled and discontent should start. 


Moksha – Mukthi – Mankind to be awakened


Hope to see you there!!!!


Love and Blessings 


Debra Apsara

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